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Ryckman Orthodontics is committed to providing each patient with an exceptional level of care and attention. Our dedicated staff works together as a team to provide high-quality comprehensive care. Our compassionate and understanding doctors take pride in paying close attention to each patient's needs.

Our offices are conveniently located in the hearts of Dayton and Beavercreek. We offer a wide range of hours in order to accommodate your busy schedule. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about orthodontics and our practice. 937-294-1001 http://www.braces4dayton.com/

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"Everyone is very friendly and professional. Dr. Mike is very kind and precise in his work. I could not ask for a better team."

Review Verified on 9/12/2015
"I received Invisaligns. Excellent professional service! Very friendly staff. I am very pleased and excited with the results of my invasaligns. I would highly recommend invasaligns! Dr. Ryckman is awesome & Ms. Sandy is such a kind individual! You guys ROCK!!"

Review Verified on 9/10/2015
"We are very pleased with all of the staff. My kids are very comfortable with the environment."

Review Verified on 8/28/2015
"I have had the pleasure of using Ryckman orthodontics for my son, myself and now my daughter! All of our treatments have been a wonderful experience! The staff were always friendly and helpful, my treatments were troublesome at times but I was always treated with kindness and patience. I have referred several clients to Ryckman orthodontics because of the wonderful service I have received. Thank you to all who made my treatment experience a pleasure!"

Review Verified on 8/25/2015
"Seeing it though I have never been to another ortho besides this one I find it decently difficult to write a review consulting how much I like it compared to others. Although, when I first walked in I was treated with a smile and greeted with kindness (what more can I ask for). Very quickly I started enjoy coming here more and more. Not that I looked forward to it per say but I did enjoy my appointments and learning about my teeth and how the braces were pulling them back into the shape they needed to be in. Over all theses kind people saw to it that I got the result I wanted while ensuring I was happy. Man I am very happy for that."

Review Verified on 8/24/2015
"Our son had a skiing accident in January and Dr. Rykman and his staff have been there for us; he was able to get him in right away and adjust his ortho bands and continue on with his other needs through the last 8 months. We so appreciate everything that his office has done for our family. This is our third child having complete orthodontic treatment with Dr. Rykman and we are 100% satisfied!"

Review Verified on 8/21/2015
"Celebration Day - Braces came off!!!! Absolutely love Ryckman Orthodontics and their family friendly atmosphere. Kathy explained everything to my daughter before taking them off and continue to make sure she was comfortable with the process."

Review Verified on 8/20/2015
"Super short wait time and the work was done quickly and efficiently. Everything was explained, so L. not only knows what was done, but WHY it was done."

Review Verified on 8/18/2015
"Jacobs teeth look great. Everyone is so nice. Appointments are easy and flexible."

Review Verified on 8/17/2015
"Everybody was so nice and I looked forward to every appointment."

Review Verified on 8/17/2015
"We have always had such a pleasant and helpful experience at every appointment from the time we walk in the door to the time we leave."

Review Verified on 8/11/2015
"Making the appointment was easy and quick. When I arrived for the xray, everyone was kind and courteous. Xray was quickly done and all is good."

Review Verified on 8/11/2015
"I'm so happy with Dr. Ryckman and all of his staff! They are all very friendly and it feels nice to walk in there and everyone knows your name and you feel more than just a patient. Also, I respect Dr. Ryckman as a professional. During my initial consultation he was very honest with me about what he believed I needed and would work best for me. I completely trust him and the staff and will most definitely recommend them to anyone I know in the Dayton area looking for an orthodontist."
"Amazing people with amazing skills! I'm really happy that my teeth are finally the way they should be! Thank you so much! You're great!"

Review Verified on 7/29/2015
"This was a consultation appointment. Outer office staff were friendly and welcoming. Dr. Ryckman and his financial staff were prepared and clear in his course of treatment and outcomes, now and down the road and the cost and terms. I especially appreciated his honest yet kind, respectful assessment of treatment which will be challenging in the short term."

Review Verified on 7/29/2015
"Nice staff. Clean facility"

Review Verified on 7/28/2015
"The office experience has always been really great and the help that I receive at the front desk is fabulous! I would love to see more availability for appointments at the Beavercreek office. For working parents, there doesn't seem to be many options for appointments. It can be difficult to schedule."

Review Verified on 7/27/2015
"Very pleased every time we've been in. It's obvious the staff isn't there just to take your money. Everybody very obviously cares about what is best for the patient. The fact that everyone is so friendly is icing on the cake."

Review Verified on 7/25/2015
"Dr. Ryckman and his staff did an awesome job with Nicks ortho! Such a great office! Everyone is always upbeat and pleasant! Thank you!"

Review Verified on 7/20/2015
"Ryckman Orthodontics did a great job every time I came! They are all very friendly people who really get to know you and want the best for your teeth. They were also very easy to talk to during appointments and made me feel welcome when I got my braces tightened. I am so glad that I got braces with them because the outcome was amazing!"

Review Verified on 7/20/2015
"Dr Ryckman orthodontics has done an excellent job for both my daughters. The entire staff is wonderful; they are great to work with and have always treated us like family. It was usually fairly easy to schedule appointments to fit with our family calendar. Both daughters' teeth looked beautiful when the braces were removed and we were very pleased with the results!"

Review Verified on 7/20/2015
"Very Friendly staff"

Review Verified on 7/15/2015
"My daughter, Charlotte, really loved Charity, the assistant. Charity was helpful, kind, soothing, and patient with all of Charlotte's questions. We also enjoy visiting the facility because everyone is friendly and helpful. Thanks for a great visit!"

Review Verified on 7/9/2015
"Awesome staff!"

Review Verified on 7/3/2015
"Thank you! Dr. Rychman was highly recommended as a quality and compassionate doctor when my young son needed orthodontia attention years ago. We were so impressed with the professionalism of the entire office. Dr. Ryckman's team has since become family as we continue to see him for both children and adult needs. The staff is very flexible and positive at all times. The calm and caring atmosphere as well as the attention to detail keeps you at a perfect ten in my book!"

Review Verified on 7/3/2015
"This office is almost always running on time and they are always VERY nice."

Review Verified on 7/1/2015
"Just wow ! Ryckman Orthodontics, Thank you for making our experience more than pleasant ! From day one, you have made us feel so at "home" and like we're the only ones there, and yes, even spoiled !. After previous experience with ortho care, I was reluctant in the beginning. but after the first initial visit, Dr. Mike and staff showed such a concern in what we wanted to see happen, what needed to happen, and his plan, from beginning to end, in detail. I'd explain it like this.... First class,top notch ...Oh, and your girls rock too ! Always pleasant and funny... from the front desk,to the "back seat" I have 2 more to follow for braces, and yep... You're stuck with us for 4 more years or so ! Thank you again , be blessed !!!"

Review Verified on 7/1/2015
"Dr. Ryckman and his staff are extremely friendly, professional and always do a great job. I would recommend them to anyone."

Review Verified on 6/30/2015
"Today was our final appointment, but I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a great overall experience. We loved the comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for the appointment and as a parent, I greatly appreciated the flexibility of scheduling our visit. No matter how many times I had to reschedule our appointments, the staff worked with me willingly. I would definitely recommend you."

Review Verified on 6/24/2015
"Ryckman Orthodonticts is filled with very nice and caring people that are great at what they do."

Review Verified on 6/24/2015
"Very helpful, knowledgable, and kind. Was only supposed to go for a consultation but got started on the process in the first appointment. Thank you!"

Review Verified on 6/24/2015
"Everyone was always attentive and good natured. Dr. Mike was very thorough and kind. We recommend you to friends."

Review Verified on 6/24/2015
"They did a great job! I liked everyone, they were very excellent to their patients!"

Review Verified on 6/23/2015
"Great staff, efficient office, always runs on time. Straight teeth. Hooray!"

Review Verified on 6/22/2015
"Very clean office and extremely nice staff. Thank you!"

Review Verified on 6/18/2015
"We had our initial appointment with Dr. Ryckman and his staff. We had planned on meeting with another orthodontist later in the week--but we were so impressed by the staff, Dr. Ryckman, and the facilities that we cancelled! We are looking forward to working with you all in the future."

Review Verified on 6/17/2015
"Ryckman orthodontics did a great job with putting my braces on and the monthly check ups. The service was always good and no one was rude or not polite and they were always availiable for your questions or help. My braces came off painlessly and quickly. 10/10 for sure."

Review Verified on 6/16/2015
"From the first phone call to make an appt (or change one :) to the goodbye as we leave after our appt, we always have a positive, professional experience. We are so grateful to have such wonderful people working with our children. Thank you!"

Review Verified on 6/16/2015
"Very friendly!!"

Review Verified on 6/10/2015
"From the ladies at the front desk, to the many hours you spend with the orthodontic assitants, the entire staff at Ryckman Orthodontics made every visit exceptional. My timeline for my braces was very accurate and I couldn't be happier with the results! This staff Really cares about their patients and goes well out of their way to make your experience the very best!"

Review Verified on 6/1/2015
"10..great service"

Review Verified on 5/30/2015
"They were very friendly and excellent at cleaning and straighting my teeth"

Review Verified on 5/28/2015
Reviews 925 - 966 of 1134

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